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Abbot Confession

From the brewer

"A powerful , rich and warming ale. Flavours of malt, toffee, fruit cake, tropical fruits"

Tasting Notes

Rich and malty with flavours of dried fruit and toffee combined with tropical fruits from the classic Fuggles late hop. Traditional English hops in the boiling copper give bitter balance and more Pilgrim, Admiral and First Gold together with the famous Fuggle add rich fruity and herbal complexity. A warming and pwerful beer to be savoured.
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    Cask: 8.5%

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    Pale, Crystal, Amber

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    Admiral, Pilgrim, First Gold, Fuggle



Food Pairing

Abbot Confession goes great with cold meats, sausages and spicy burgers!

Interested in stocking Abbot Confession?

Available to order on cask this September and October. Please contact us if you are interested in finding out more.
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