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From the brewer

"Specially crafted to be free from gluten without compromising on the well-known flavour, aroma and appearance."

Our gluten free beers are brewed with their usual quality ingredients and to their normal recipes, with the reduction in gluten content achieved through an innovation in the brewing process. A bespoke product stream ensures the beers remain segregated and guarantees that they can be designated as gluten free.

Tasting Notes

Fresh dry hop, herbal character is provided by the mix of challenger and first gold hops. The use of crystal malt in the grist gives a satisfying toffee/caramel note and the addition of a little black malt adds just enough astringency to give a clean dry finish.
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    Bottle: 3.6%

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    Pale, Crystal, Black

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    Challenger, Pilgrim, First Gold



Food Pairing

A popular, lighter ale that is well matched with curry, spicy foods and lighter blue cheeses.


Greene King IPA Gluten-free

12 x 500ml bottles

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Pint Glass

Embossed and engraved Greene King IPA pint glass

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